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Injured athletes cannot compete, or play, or even train without causing themselves more harm. It is better for them to rest, sit those games out, and just do their best to live healthy lives until they make a full recovery.

But the most determined athletes can’t be held back by these sports injuries. To them, recovery time is just waiting aimlessly until they are good enough to go. Many athletes won’t sit around while their career passes them by. And while resting is the best thing for them to do, it’s not their only option. Just because they are recovering doesn’t mean they can’t give their bodies a little push.

There are ways to speed up the recovery process: and the field of sports medicine is still evolving. Technological advancements and medical breakthroughs are introducing us to various treatment options we’ve never seen before.

And while the traditional prescription painkillers can definitely help athletes cope with the discomfort, there are complementary treatment methods that can also provide pain relief.

On this article we will be talking about one of these methods that are proving invaluable to the field of sports medicine: Low level laser therapy.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy, also known as cold laser, has a number of benefits that can help athletes reduce their downtime drastically. This is not to be confused with high power laser treatment, which is used for different conditions, and is focused on cutting tissue.

Cold laser is all about stimulating the injured areas using a certain wavelength of photons, in order to reduce inflammation. Once inflammation is reduced, the discomfort and pain will also be reduced.

This painless treatment method will also promote natural healing by encouraging cell reproduction. So will it offers pain relief, it also allows your body to accelerate the healing process. It does this by increasing the blood circulation, allowing it to carry more oxygen at a time. This simple procedure can help the body receive more nutrients faster.

Lowlevel laser therapy can get you back in the gym or in the game in no time.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is highly recommended because it is safe, comfortable, and highly effective when it comes to providing pain relief. It also helps with tissue repair. It is most effective when paired with other treatment methods that are appropriate for the type of injury.

The wavelengths used for cold laser therapy will also vary depending on the athlete’s condition. It can be used for sprains, strains, muscle fatigue, shoulder pain, neck pain, lower back pain, joint pain, and other acute and chronic conditions.

Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or just someone who's physically active, laser therapy can work wonders for your injuries. Talk to your doctor about low level laser therapy today!

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