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Although chiropractic treatment has been around for a long time, there are still many people who are unfamiliar with how it works. And so it is only natural to hear certain questions about the treatment such as “are chiropractors doctors?” and oftentimes: “can they prescribe medications?”

On this article we will focus on the relationship between chiropractors and drugs. The former question is something that can be answered by taking a look at the educational requirements needed to become a chiropractor.

Relationship Between Chiropractors and Drugs

So can chiropractors prescribe medication? Are they allowed to do that?

The better question is: will they prescribe drugs? The answer to that is no. That’s how chiropractic treatment operates. It does so without the need for medications. That’s one of its biggest benefits: it does not require drugs in order to work.

Therefore, it is not within the chiropractor’s scope of practice to prescribe any kind of medication. Interestingly, chiropractors in Switzerland had the right to prescribe drugs, at least until 1995.

Certain states in the US, like New Mexico, do permit chiropractors to prescribe a limited selection of medications, granted that they received additional training.  These medications include muscle relaxants, NSAIDs, and certain pain medication.

Many chiropractors believe that having the ability to prescribe medication would help them integrate better into the healthcare system. This will further improve their ability to manage more complex low back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

As it stands, chiropractors today have to refer the patient to another medical professional, or work with the patient’s doctor in order to tackle more complicated conditions.

In many ways, chiropractors can benefit from gaining this ability. But right now they are perfectly capable of working with what they have. Spinal adjustments can help deal with these muscle and joint issues without the need for medications.

Many chiropractors take pride in being able to fix these issues without having to use drugs. At the same time, many patients appreciate not needing medications to tackle their pain. Prescription opioids are known for their habit-forming properties, and have a high potential for abuse. Therefore these painkillers are not recommended for those who have a history with substance abuse or drug addiction.

Chiropractors also do not need surgery in order to treat these musculoskeletal issues.

Chiropractic care is centered on the knowledge that the body has an incredible way of healing itself. Certain activities can put the spine in a misaligned position, causing inflammation, pain, and other adverse effects. The body’s ability to heal is affected.

By putting things back in alignment, the patient becomes capable of healing properly. It also restores their range of motion, allowing them to execute movements properly. This has a preventive benefit that helps avoid further damage and future injuries.

So although chiropractors cannot prescribe medication, there are plenty of reasons why they don’t have to. It’s just the way they operate. And so there’s nothing stopping you from seeking out a local chiropractor and reaping the benefits of this safe, non-invasive, and holistic alternative treatment method.

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